Rose Wood - British Pornstar Stories

Rose Wood looks like the typical English career girl from middle class suburbia - until she gets to work and becomes the ultimate filthy bitch!

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The English Exhibitionist - "I love my body and I love showing it off. And why shouldn't I as long as there's somebody out there willing to look at me? It's a huge turn on for me, you see - having men drool over my body. Well, women can drool too; I don't mind. A horny bitch like me can't afford to be fussy..."

Fucked In Public - "It's years since the first time I got fucked in a public place and it gave me a real taste for it. It's the possibility of being caught that really turns me on - that just not knowing whether somebody's gonna come along and get an eyeful..."

Distant Voyeur - "There was something about the way he seemed to be looking intently in my direction that enhanced my sense of voyeurism. Whenever I looked into his eyes, he seemed to be staring right at me; his smooth, hairless skin was lightly glistening with sweat, which served to accentuate the contours of his fabulously chiselled frame; and sweet surrender, his cock was like a bloody third leg..."

Fuck Buddies - "People can say that 'friends don't kiss' but I disagree; a good friend who's happy to fuck without strings is definitely worth having. As well as being somebody to talk to, drink with and, well, dance with, a fuck buddy nearly always knows you well enough to give you a damned good shag..."

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex - "I'll tell you about a guy I enjoyed on the phone not so long ago. And do you know what? I think I'm gonna enjoy telling you about him. Just make sure you listen carefully..."

Tube Tart - "Opening my coat, I seductively began to unbutton the front of my bustier, teasing him by lingering on each button until it was completely open, exposing my ripe, full breasts with their erect nipples at full salute. God! I was so hot I swear steam was coming off me..."