Escort Stories

Escort stories from working UK escorts, including Indian escort Sabrina from Milton Keynes. These ladies are the professionals, women who fuck for money - and enjoy it!

Read on for an insight into what makes these extraordinary women tick.


Come Wank With Me - "I know I wouldn't be able to resist it. Not a chance. And just thinking about what I would be able to do with it is already making my pussy damp. In fact, I'm getting so turned on that I'm stroking my pussy lips through the flimsy fabric of my panties, feeling the crotch getting wet as I turn myself on..."

Slut Secretary - "He tasted ravishing. Oh fuck! Just thinking about his cock in my mouth gets my pussy juices flowing now! I kept sucking, harder and harder and just when I thought he would cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me onto the floor..."

Tie And Tease - "My friend's new found lover was obviously a master in teasing as by this point he obviously knew that a little tease of her pussy would really get her fired up. The tickling sensation went lightly along the length of her lips a few times and then flicked whatever he was holding across her, by now, throbbing clit..."

Lesbian Romp - "Within minutes they were both on the floor, Janine between Penny's legs sucking and licking at her quivering cunt while Penny pushed her hips up to her, urging her to fuck her with her tongue..."

Spanked By His Headmistress - "You don't like to admit it but I know how much you love to have me dress up in my school ma'am outfit and chastise you while you're wearing a silly boy's school uniform, complete with short trousers. I just hope you've shaved your bollocks this time..."

A Prostitute In Waiting - "As I watched the major lick my juice from his fingers, he smiled and told me he would die a happy man for having enjoyed the sight and smell of a fresh, young pussy again. Then he produced a 20 note from his pocket and tucked it into the waistband of my skirt. "A little something for your time," he said..."


Paid To Pleasure - "As I let the other strap fall, the dress slid down over my breasts and hips, landing in a heap at my feet. Robert was trying to look unaffected but I could tell..."

Lunchtime Date - "I love it when men talk dirty to me, so that was just an extra turn on that set me on fire. I rocked my hips hard against him..."

Head In The Clouds - "It was just tooo exciting to be doing this in the middle of a first class cabin whilst surrounded by dozens of fellow passengers and crew..."

The Dentist's Chair - "When I received an email from a West London dental surgeon requesting me to visit him at his clinic, I'll admit I had my doubts. But I was curious enough to give him a call, liked what I heard and agreed to meet him the following evening..."

Quite A Performance - "Guiding him in with my hand I felt his full length sink into me, pushing deep into my blistering hot cunt. God, it felt good to fuck him right there amongst hundreds of people, knowing that, should anybody look up at us, they'd have had more than just a good idea of what we were doing..."

Three's A Pleasure - "Roger had removed his jacket and tie, opened a few buttons and made himself comfortable in order to watch the show. I'd always found him an incredibly sexy man but seeing the heated lust in his eyes as he watched his wife play with me was almost more than I could bear. I wanted him badly - I wanted them BOTH badly..."

Deceptively Quick - "I let my tongue slowly slide up and down the length of his shaft before sliding it around the ridge of his bulging helmet and along the connecting membrane. The way he pushed his hips forward as he watched my every movement told me he was having a real good time..."