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Rose Wood

Fucked In Public - "It's years since the first time I got fucked in a public place and it gave me a real taste for it. It's the possibility of being caught that really turns me on - that just not knowing whether somebody's gonna come along and get an eyeful..."

Fuck Buddies - "People can say that 'friends don't kiss' but I disagree; a good friend who's happy to fuck without strings is definitely worth having. As well as being somebody to talk to, drink with and, well, dance with, a fuck buddy nearly always knows you well enough to give you a damned good shag..."

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex - "I'll tell you about a guy I enjoyed on the phone not so long ago. And do you know what? I think I'm gonna enjoy telling you about him. Just make sure you listen carefully..."

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Come Wank With Me - "I know I wouldn't be able to resist it. Not a chance. And just thinking about what I would be able to do with it is already making my pussy damp. In fact, I'm getting so turned on that I'm stroking my pussy lips through the flimsy fabric of my panties, feeling the crotch getting wet as I turn myself on..."

Slut Secretary - "He tasted ravishing. Oh fuck! Just thinking about his cock in my mouth gets my pussy juices flowing now! I kept sucking, harder and harder and just when I thought he would cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me onto the floor..."

Tie And Tease - "My friend's new found lover was obviously a master in teasing as by this point he obviously knew that a little tease of her pussy would really get her fired up. The tickling sensation went lightly along the length of her lips a few times and then flicked whatever he was holding across her, by now, throbbing clit..."

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Phone Sex Girl - "There's far more to phone sex than a few oohs and ahhs. When you get to know how your caller's mind works, talking to him becomes an experience that can't be imagined..."

Cyber Sex - "I've known Geoffrey for two weeks and until now he's not put any pressure on me for sex. But I know tonight will be different and want to look my best..."

Phone Sex Mistress - "His cries turn into sobs. Long, heaving sobs filled with both pain and delight. Delight in pleasing me. When I believe he's had enough, I tell him to stop..."

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Chris Gee

Dogging Phone Sex - "She wound down the window and looked up at the guy. She didn't have a clue how to ask for what she wanted without sounding like slapper from an old porno movie but, after racking her brains for a few seconds, she couldn't think of anything better...."

Foot Worship - "They sat in silence but it was one of the most erotically charged time of James' life. She'd moved her foot to stroke the inside of his right leg and slowly lifted her foot higher until at one point her toes were touching the very bottom of his thigh. He closed his eyes and grimaced, desperate to keep control over his now raging cock..."

Farewell, My Cougar - "He groaned as his dreams came true. It felt even better than he'd dreamt. His boss was an expert cocksucker and she started to slowly move her lips over him, up and down his length. Shit, she was deep-throating him."


Swingers - "It wasn't until we saw one of the men sit next to Jilly and slide his hand beneath her skirt that we started to catch on. When Jilly closed her eyes and started to moan..."

The Estate Agent - "I had to go home and change before I could go back to the office. It's one thing knowing you've got a naked and freshly fucked pussy beneath your skirt but to have cum stains on your blouse is something else entirely..."

Dogging Debut - "I watched attentively as the guy reached under his partner's skirt and eased her panties down. He sniffed and sucked on the crotch before throwing them into the front seat..."

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Head In The Clouds - "It was just tooo exciting to be doing this in the middle of a first class cabin whilst surrounded by dozens of fellow passengers and crew."

Lunchtime Date - "I love it when men talk dirty to me, so that was just an extra turn on that set me on fire. I rocked my hips hard against him..."

Paid To Pleasure - "As I let the other strap fall, the dress slid down over my breasts and hips, landing in a heap at my feet. Robert was trying to look unaffected but I could tell..."

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Tim Sexton

First Time Swingers - "Things moved pretty quickly after that. A few more drinks and a few more arrivals and then Amber's new girlfriend Katie pulled her off the sofa and the three of us..."

Handjob Heaven - "I almost lost it when I turned around to reply to something Jenny's sister said and I suddenly felt her warm mouth engulf my balls..."

The Rise and Fall of the Online Swinger - "After all, when you've got a girl who looks like she could be a movie star living in your hometown, you've really got no choice..."

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Archie Type

Getting to Know Nina - "As soon as we were inside her door she turned and kissed me full on. In just a few short minutes we were both fully naked in front of each other and still hadn't said a word..."

Amateur Strip Tease - "Although she went out looking for sex, she hadn't expected to get turned on quite as easily. She could already feel the damp patch spreading and her imagination..."

Cathy's Turn - "Her white rounded breasts were topped with light brown nipples that begged to be kissed, and beneath the fabric of her panties he could make out the outline of her dark triangle..."

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Rod Large

A Dinner Party With A Difference - "Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to take a look inside the room. I got up and beckoned for Jenny to follow. To say we couldn't believe..."

Afternoon Delight - "She was totally unaffected by the sweat pouring down her back and, judging by the depth of her moans and the wild abandonment of her movements..."

Gillian's World - "We chatted online almost every night and soon found that we had lots in common. And even though we only had our webcams, Sam turned me on like nobody else ever had..."

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